Lady in Red

Hi there guys!

It’s been a while since a proper blog post, well time to catch up)

Let’s start with fresh series on my old friend “Stingray“, this time in red.

Meanwhile new big Project is coming along so stay tuned for next epic WIP and some more ;)

Enjoy and, nice to be back :)


Thanks for watching and keep for updates!

360 Fly

Hi there guys!

Here is the new project (that i can finally show you) which I've done in Pearl

This is exciting new 360 extreme camera, which is obviously captured 360 degree footage.

Definitely a gopro killer! It will be released in Spring 2015. Meanwhile you can keep your eye at it here 360FLY

Built like a tank. Crafted like a crystal!

Design , branding and build by crazy Pearl team, and visuals from me.

I've done a series of prints , and as usual a lot of product shots for everywhere use. Check it out)


Details  1x1

You can check out the full project here CLICK

Thanks for watching!

Misfit Shine

Hi there guys!

Sorry, long time no post, was busy at work as a bee.

Since "Stingray" project on pause (don't worry, i'll keep work on it as soon as free minute appear)

But finally (God bless NDAs) i can show you some stuff i worked on recently)

One of the recent project was great tiny activity tracker called Misfit Shine, you could check it out and buy it here

Wonderfully designed and assembled by a great team which i proud to join and work with.

Click for HR!



Check out the full project on Behance 

More to come!


While I am fighting with suspension..

Some crop of gearbox shifter zone. Still adjust materials and textures, feels like add a bit more dirt to it.

Also I finally finished last details around windshield frame, made rear view mirror and sun visors.

So couple screens.


And some Super HR  (without latest updates) for those who aint like much DOF) 

Just click it )