More interior Progress

Ok guys, i didn't plan this at all, but here is some fellas around that says,

- man yo! You def should make the open door shot, or what the point of all this!

And they was like

- There is nothing simplier to do all this hidden indoor stuff. And i was like 

- Emm, OKAY. D'oh!

So here you go)

Here is the progress for now , still a lot of things to do and to adjust but the main piece is done. So details are coming !

Corvette label

Hi there guys! I still fix mistakes in the proportions of the body. (And looks like the further I go, the more I find ) So it throw me back a bit . But sometimes i make respite, to model some details (coz i love details!  ), and tease you a bit )

So here is couple renders.

And some clays.

Stingray WIP

Hi there guys!
Hundred years didn't post anything!) I think i not modeled cars since plymouth, huh.. Anyway. But here we go) I re find my love to cars, so i needed a new toy, and it will be a legendary and magnificent Sting Ray convertible!

Work on this body modelling, without any "even close" blueprints became into real challenge. Im still not happy with couple spots, but in general i think i get deal with basic shape. 

So here is my progress for right now, couple clays and wires. Hope you guys like it !

Also can't help myself, and made some test renders of the upcoming detail)